In the recent years, internet has become an important part of our life. However, malware has also been developed to carry out unethical hacking of data and private information. Malware is a term used collectively for adware, viruses, Trojans, spyware, etc. which can have a very harmful effect on functioning of our devices and can also led to loss and stealing of your personal information. Every day, tens of thousands of malware are been created by hackers. In order to protect your confidential information getting in hands of unauthorised people you need to install antivirus software like bitdefender.

Basically, these applications works by scrutinizing program files against a strong list of existing virus definition files and if any file matches its list is being removed or quarantined by the app.  A warning will be issued by the app to notify user about the presence of threat. Antivirus programs with advance technology uses behavioural-based detection, heuristic-based detection, cloud making to detect the presence of malicious files.

Every file that has been stored in your computer goes under a scan. If a file is been found which fits software’s virus definitions is being blacklisted; whereas, other files are passed through Host intrusion prevention system. Then the files which will be identified would be allowed access and would easily run in the system. The files which are reported as good will be send to white list.  The anonymous files will be sent to the Defense+ Sandbox. Now, these files will be permissible to run, albeit only in a limited environment.

Antivirus software does background scanning in which they scan all files running in background. It is also named as access scanning. It is said to offer your device a real time protection safeguarding the computer from threats and other malicious attacks. Full system scans are also being carried out to make sure that there are no viruses present hidden on your system. They are essential especially when you are looking to treat your already infected computer.

In behavior based detection, the application studies behaviour of apps in your computer carefully. In Heuristic-based detection, it detects the characteristics of running susceptible programs with suspicious code on it while monitoring, it can recognize new virus definitions which is even not included in its virus definitions. This keeps the vulnerable code away from infecting your computer.


Nowadays, data mining techniques are also in trend in detecting a malware. With a number of program features, it helps to discover if the application is malicious or not. The functions of sandbox detection are almost similar to that of behavioural based detection. However, you have to run programs in the virtual environment to scrutinise their working or actions. By verifying the actions of the program that are logged in, the antivirus application can recognise if the program is malicious or not. Also, one should note that updating your antivirus on a regular basis is a must for any system. As by updating your apps on time will keep your antivirus software updated about the new viruses created everyday so that it would have latest definition files that are required to discover and fight new viruses.

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