The expansion of information has allowed unprecedented access to knowledge and solutions. Data searches and searching engine solutions have grown astronomically over the years.

The usual daily search results statistics for major search engines are:

  • Google 4,464,000,000
  • Bing. 873,964,000
  • Baidu 583,520,803
  • Yahoo 536,101,505
  • Other (AOL, Ask etc) 128,427,264

However, one has to beg the question: how much information is too much information? More importantly: Are people getting the right solutions to their problems? And if so, how accurate is it?


Enter Wikibits, a revolutionary concept that is takes on a hybridized model of blockchain and traditional search engines and information portal. The platform is targeting one of the largest global market in information technology and digital marketing with one of the primary objective of reducing information fatigue.

Information overload, or “Information Fatigue Syndrome” occurs when a person is overly exposed to media, technology and information. This can lead to frustration, exhaustion and agitation. The increased prevalence of information fatigue can largely be contributed to the widespread use of the internet, the expansion of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and high exposure to media sources.

While traditional blockchains have been used to facilitate financial transactions, another alternate usage ofblockchain technology could be the storage and exchange of data. Through the complementary usage of machine learning, artificial intelligence, community knowledge and blockchain technologies,Wikibits is developing the first blockchain-based, solution-driven wiki to leverage the best features of blockchain technologies, information technology and community knowledge.

Some Key Differences between Wikibits and traditional search engines and information portals:


While Google is the leading search engine on the planet, its results are general and the users is left to tabulate the results. Wikibits provides community-based, solution-driven results.

Yahoo Answers:

Community-based response, however, the results usually lack quantification of its effectiveness and efficacy. Wikibits provides the effectiveness of the solutions based on community inputs.


The information giant, however, the contribution to this portal is voluntary with no monetary incentives. Wikibits is incentivizing contribution through our rewards in WIKI tokens.

Wikibits is a revolutionary concept, maximizing the application of knowledge to the real world by attracting users to services while minimizing the burden of information fatigue. It can be expected that the increasing number of users and the level of their interactions will contribute to a flourishing Wikibits economy.