Technology Has Risen So Much

Technology has risen so much over the years and it has revolutionized the lives of the human race. Our everyday life, our businesses, how we communicate have all been heavily influenced by technology. Perhaps the most important invention of technology is the internet –it has turned the world into a global village. The amount of information that can now be accessed online is unending, it has bridged the space between worlds. It has helped communication on a large scale -a Chinese speaking person can literally do a business deal with a French person without understanding French, all he now needs is an internet robot translator.

Technology not only provides connectivity with others but has also become the hub for knowledge. It has become an educational platform where you get to learn new things as fast you can without having to leave your comfort zone. Formal education is heavily influenced by technology, while it is the number one platform for informal education. Universities, researchers, age grade schools, technical schools now rely heavily on technology to get gainful knowledge and information that helps the advancement of their course. Technology has changed the way students learn and how instructors pass information. Computers have replaced chalk and marker boards as the medium of dishing out notes. Students around world now exchange ideas via social networking, students now collaborate more than ever through social media. Smart phones, tablets and laptops have replaced the customary way of taking classroom notes.

The advancement of technology over the years is immense and how it affects modern life is unmeasurable. A world of information has been made available just at the click of mouse. Search engines gives answers to questions raised by individuals and they do that almost instantly. The biggest advent of technology might arguably be its effect on the world of economics. Small businesses now have a tool to level up with the larger organizations. Cost of labour and operating costs in general have all been impacted on by technology, communication has been adversely affected by technology – emails, teleconferencing, texting have all made business processes faster. Technology has made customer feedback easier to get via different means online.

This is not to say technology has existed without blemish. Implementation of technology in some cases has had diverse effects on the society. Perhaps, the most obvious effect of technology has been on the world of human social interaction physically. Arguments have been raised in different quarters that technology has taken away some of the natural beautiful moments of life that were cherished in the pre-technological era.One of the effects of technology is noticeable in health, physical health such as eyesight which is caused by spending too much time in front of the computer. Mental health has also become an issue as people now suffer depression and anxiety via social media pressure. Privacy and security have also come under attack via the introduction of technology, personal information can now be hacked and accessed without consent.

In summary, the positive effects of technology outweighs its negative, if properly harnessed. The solutions technology has brought to the human race cannot be underestimated, likewise its help on individual lives.