While in this internet era, buying a good antivirus protection has become a necessity for your computer. It will not only protect you from malicious software but also prevent them entering into your computer. However, if you are looking to buy antivirus software, there are several points you must ponder over. Here are some important points which will help you get ideal software for your computer.

Malware Scans

You may have heard that some best antivirus tools guard your PC against viruses. Actually malware is a collection of different types of malicious programs including adware, spyware, virus, worms, etc. Good antivirus software is the one which collectively protect you against all such malicious software. While browsing online, your computer is prone to them and can lead entering of such files in your OS.  A scanner for these will come in handy and protect you from otherwise hidden threats.


Nowadays, market is flooded with different kind of antivirus software which comes in all kind of versions and varied features. As in accordance with it, a wide pricing range is available for you to choose from.  For example some software will be free while other cost you a lot of bucks. You do not need to select the priciest one out of the list instead you can use some coupon code like bitdefender coupon code to get additional discount on your antivirus purchase. So, select for the antivirus which is reasonable and meet your requirements. .

Privacy Policy

One thing you must note is that nowadays, many big computer antivirus and security programs share your personal information which is really alarming. You need to be prudent before choosing a company. Even if you find any such case, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer or investigate about it from the company.

Email Scanning

One to save your hard drive from wiping out and secure your personal data, your antivirus software needs to have a very important feature, i.e. email scanning  According a  report, email spam are one of the most prominent way of computer attacks.  It may come attached with links or embedded attachments that will result in causing problems in your device. An antivirus like bitdefender with this feature will warn you before opening any such mails.

Download Protection

This is another important feature you must consider before selecting an antivirus program. Some of the good antivirus offers you download protection feature as files may contain all types of dangerous elements. So you may want to decide an antivirus software that offers file download scanning.

Free Trial

You may not mull over the fact if an antivirus software company is offering you a free trial or not. But actually it is really a good thing to consider. By getting a free trial you can get a precise idea of what the antivirus has to offer to you or if it  is what you have thought about or not. However, all the features may not be available with the trial. So start looking for offers like bitdefender promo code that are ready to give you an entire look of what they have to offer to you; that transparency often means the paid version is worth the price.